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Rock The Holidays Part Two! The Glycogen Depletion Diet

So you’ve decided that you want to enjoy this upcoming holiday meal to the fullest. All bets are off. You’re going to eat the fantastic holiday meal prepared and you’re going to savor every bite. Perfect. You saw my recent article on how we can train to put ourselves in a physiological situation that helps reduce the negative impacts of acute overfeeding and you’ve decided you’d like to do something about it.

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AUG. 15TH 2019 Today marks the day I am officially venturing into the Velocity Based Training phenomenon that has been popping its head around the strength training community. A few months prior a friend of mine had mentioned that Squats and Science had a project called Open Barbell which documented all that was need to create your own VBT device. After pilfering through the parts list and the files require to construct such a device I knew I needed to enlist some help. An old colleague from OU who I consider a mastermind in engineering and data science and I met up for a coffee to discuss the possibility of creating these things. I am very confident in believing that...

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